With 3 strategically placed outlets, we got all your needs covered in this small city of Male’. At Red Wave we make sure that our customers get all their shopping done in one place with convenience and ease, saving valuable time, money and effort.

Each of our supermarkets house several departments stocked with quality products from reliable brands from all over the world. Initially started out with the groceries department, over the years with the increasing demands of our customers busy and full lives- we have added cosmetics, kitchenware, frozen food, household, and our most recent addition- an electronicsdepartment.


To continuously provide quality products,most in demand for fair market price everyday. We wish to be the first name to come to mind when you make your shopping list, and the most preferred supermarket in terms of quality, service, price and convenience.


For every household in Male’ to be a regular Red Wave customer. Our mission is to make sure that our customers are provided with the productlines that are most popular in demand, and to continuously update and introduce new improved products to the market at the best possible price. We aim to keep a steady stream of market research to keep track of fluctuating prices of commodities and target to import and


With 12 solid years of business, our team looks back proudly on the mark we’ve made and still continue to everyday in our community. From the day we opened our first outlet- Red Wave in 2001, we have taken the great effort to establish good relationships with our customers. We believe that this philosophy and approach has helped us grow as a business as well as a goal oriented team.

We opened a second outlet- Red Wave Plaza shortly after, with careful consideration of the location. This proved to be a quite positive decision as we were able to cater to more customers with the convenience of doing business from different areas. Our third outlet was opened in 2005, and since then has been relocated to a bigger and better location serving and meeting our customer’s demands better.


The Red wave team is one of the strongest assets of the company. With over 10 years of running the business, it’s with pride that we see our key personnel still together moving forward with the company, growing both in terms of experience and expertise with each passing year. Our committed team includes our chairman:

Mr. Ahmed Saleem, Managing Director

Mr. Mohamed Naajil, General Manager of all outlets

Mr. Ibrahim Naufal, Director

Mr. Ali Nail, Director

Mr. Ibrahim Shujau, and the Managers for the 3 outlets:

Mr. Ali Shaheem, (Red Wave Plaza)

Mr. Mohamed Habeeb, (Red Wave)

Mr. Shafan Ibrahim, (Red Wave Mart)

When we hire to join the Red Wave team, we always keep our goals in focus. We see every member as an asset to the company, which is why all employees are carefully trained to develop their capabilities and mentored under the Management to keep the quality of service to Red Wave’s standards.