G. Majeedhee Magu, Male

Our first outlet opened in 2001. Locatedin Majeedhee magu the main road for shopping, and next to the grand stadium, this outlet has been serving customers for 12 years in one of the busiest areas of the city. Customers go in and out daily purchasing their favorite products and brands from the Red Wave’s well-rounded departments. The Cosmetics Department is particularly popular in this outlet.

Redwave Plaza

Ha. Sayyid Kilegefaanu Magu, Male

Opened in 2001, Red Wave Plaza is now located in Mahchangoalhi, Sayyid Kilegefaanu Magu Male’, A busy area with local schools and central shopping in the heart of the city. With spacious and modern décor, the products in each department can be seen arranged carefully for your convenience. This outlet is most popular for it’s fresh grocery department.

Redwave Mart

H. Roashanee Magu, Male

Opened in 2005, Red Wave Mart in Henveyru Roashanee Magu is ideal for all those in the northeastern radius of Male’ city. With healthy varieties of juices and beverages, plenty of snacks and sweets to choose from, the Red Wave Mart is a favorite choice frequented by the whole neighborhood.

Redwave Mall

Ma. Majeedhee Magu, Male

Red Wave Mall is located in Majeedhee Magu and displays the full range of products and goods available from all Red Wave outlets. This is the latest expansion of Red Wave providing a more convenient location for customers’ favourite products on the main street of Malé.

Redwave Electronics

Ma. Fareedhee Magu, Male

Red Wave Electronics specialises in all electronics devices ranging from home and kitchen appliances, TVs, speakers and entertainment units, digital devices, computer related hardware and software and many more. This outlet is an exclusive showroom for all your electronic needs and features the latest products and brands in the market.

Redwave City Mall


Redwave City Square is the first outlet which has been opened outside the capital city. Its opened in 2016 located in the best location in Hulhumale. The outlet specialize in all ranges of products.